Changes and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic response on Arca

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Martins da Costa Ferreira, Tiago; Fernandes de Queiroz, Claudete; Danielli de Araujo, Luciana; Belchior Rodrigues, Raphael; de Almeida Freyre, Éder; Gonçalves do Nascimento, Andréa; José Moreira Silva, Angelo; Barreto Malheiro Pereira, Catarina; da Silva, Rita de Cassia; Simonini Ferreira, Leonardo

Poster description:

This work presents the changes and impacts on Arca1 – Oswaldo Cruz Foundation’s2 (Fiocruz) Institutional Repository, of the COVID-19 response, which has been terrorizing the world. Due to the recognition from the World Health Organization, the importance of the scientific research of the Institution and the technological progress related to vaccines development, supplies and innovative treatments have become crucial. In this epidemiological scenario, including scientific documents and research material of this Institution related to COVID-19 on Arca was deemed critical and of large relevance. It is important to note that the changes, adaptations and focused efforts for the pandemic response, especially with the reduced issuing time, are intended to increase visibility, promote health with public goods and provide access to the knowledge produced by Fiocruz to the whole society.

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