Delegates are welcome to view and comment on the virtual posters listed below. Authors will be available during the week to respond to comments on their posters. The posters will be presented at the Minute Madness session on Wednesday, 9 June, 12.00-13:00 PM UTC.

Posters are listed in alphabetical order according to the presenting author:

Barsky, Eugene. Geodisy: New geospatial data discovery for Canadian research data (This poster will not be presented during the Minute Madness session)

Bal Bozkurt, Gulce. A Recommendation System for an Open Archive

Błażej Betański. RCIN – Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes in Poland

Cerceau, Renato. Atrium Repository: diffusion of cardiology knowledge

Del Carpio, Abel. PeruCRIS: A National Research Information Infrastructure based on DSpace-CRIS

Eid, Sherine Mahmoud. A Framework for an Arabic Terminology Management System (TMS) using Artificial Intelligence

Elsawy Elsayed; Maher Khafaga Shehata, Ahmed. Availability of open government data in the Maghreb countries (This poster will not be presented during the Minute Madness session)

Gonzales, Sara. Interoperability Standards for Distributed Collaboration in InvenioRDM

Halliday, James. DataCORE – Grappling With Big Files and Big Problems

Jackson, Karen. Sherpa Romeo – our roadmap

Kelly, Julie. Repositories and publishers: AgEcon Search forging new relationships

Kelly, Julie. Repository Re(volution): AgEcon Search Goes Global

McLaren, Chloe; Julia Corrice; Jim Del Rosso; Gail Steinhart. Bepress to DSpace in PJs: Migrating two open repositories from home

Martins da Costa Ferreira, Tiago. Changes and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic response on Arca

Mudd, Taylor. Discovery after migration

Niemantinga, Kate. SANDIMS: South African National Geophysical Data and Instrumentation Management System

Olson, Eric. Interoperability Intersection: Partnerships in Open Science Infrastructure

Panero, Pablo. Zenodo spam detection using neural networks

Ramsey, Ellen Catz. Advancing Hyku Project Update

Scott, Michael. “Precedented”: Public Health, Open Access Infrastructure, and Interrogating Power in Repository Debates

Stokes, Paul L.S. Is it interoperability or is it integration?

Tomić, Vicko. Status of students’ graduation (masters) theses in repositories of six European universities

Walker, Wendy. Understanding IR Impact: What Do Users Do with Our Stuff? (This poster will not be presented during the Minute Madness session)

Walsh, Maureen. The Scholarship of The Ohio State University: Open for All

Wolf, Birge Michaela. Introduce Impact-Pathways in a CRIS – support societal impact orientation in research projects and funding processes

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