Welcome to day 3! OR goes global

Welcome to Open Repositories 2021 day 3! Today’s schedule is available to registered attendees in Sched and publicly in Conftool. Note that all times are in UTC! Today, OR goes truly global with sessions spanning 16 hours and many timezones. Can’t stay up all night, even for OR? Look for recordings in  Zenodo soon!

Session links & livestream

As a reminder, all session links are available to registered attendees Sched . Registration is now closed, but sessions are livestreamed via Youtube.

Program Highlights

Today there are many highlights! They include: the first Developer Track session (9:00 UTC), Posters Minute Madness (12:00 UTC), the evergreen Repository Rodeo (13:00 UTC) , and a keynote from Dr. Tahu Kukuta and Dr. Stephanie Russo Carroll (22:00 UTC) on Indigenous data.

See today’s full schedule in Sched and Conftool

Networking event

Missing the camaraderie of the conference experience? While there’s no conference dinner on a boat this year, we have the next best thing – a video networking session via Wonder at 17:00 UTC. This is open to registered attendees only.

Wonder allows you to roam around a virtual room and join/leave conversations much like at a live event. For more on how it works, see the Networking section of the attendee guide.

OR2021 sponsors – 4Science, Atmire, Cayuse, The Library Code, MyScienceWork and Samvera – will be in their dedicated Wonder room areas and we encourage you to have a chat with them. You can also chat with others about the Ideas challenge, catch up with old friends, or make new acquaintances! 

Check out more about OR sponsors on Youtube!

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