Attendee guide

Attendee guide

Thank you for registering for Open Repositories 2021, coming up soon on 7-10 June!  While we wish we could meet in person, we’re looking forward to an exciting virtual event with an excellent line-up of speakers from around the world. If you are presenting at the conference, also see our presenter guide .

IMPORTANT! Main conference session Zoom links will be available only in Sched, and only to registered attendees. Find Zoom links shortly before each session begins at 

Registered attendees received an email with information about accessing Sched. Those registered for workshops will receive personalized links for their workshop(s) via email.

If you are having trouble accessing Sched, you can set or reset your password at . Use the email address that you used when registering for the conference in Eventbrite. 

Conference Agenda

  • Conftool: See the full schedule at
  • Sched: In addition to Conftool, we will be using Sched to provide registered attendees with access to session meeting links and collaborative notes. Registered attendees received an email about Sched access. Please note that this is the only space where you will find session links. 
  • Due to the complexity of scheduling sessions and presenters to accommodate many time zones, some sessions are scheduled earlier or later than typical business hours in your timezone. 
  • Note that all times are in UTC!

Accessing sessions

  • Sessions links will be posted in Sched shortly before each session begins . Only registered attendees have access to Sched. Please do not share these links with others.
  • All sessions will be held via Zoom webinars. This means that attendees will be in “listen-only” mode and attendees will ask questions using the Q&A features in Zoom.
  • Sessions are grouped together into a larger session block, and all sessions in a block use the same Zoom webinar room.
  • 1000 participants will be able to access a Zoom webinar at a time; if you find that a session is already full when you join, please use the YouTube Livestream link (see below for details).

Livestream & recordings

Open Repositories Code of Conduct 2021

  • OR is dedicated to providing a welcoming and positive experience for everyone, whether you are in a formal session or a social setting. All participants are expected to review and adhere to the Code of Conduct
  • If you have been involved or witnessed an incident during the Open Repositories Conference that you believe violates this Code of Conduct, please report this as soon as possible, you can report by direct messaging the Zoom host during sessions and workshops, emailing , or direct messaging the host during networking sessions.
  • Additionally, Code of Conduct committee members are assigned to each session in order to address any issues that arise.

Collaborative session notes

  • Each session has a Google doc for collaborative notes. Links are in session descriptions in Sched; all docs are in the folder PUBLIC OR2021 Shared Notes . Please contribute to them if you are interested and love multitasking!


  • If you registered for workshop/s, you will receive a personalized workshop link for each workshop via separate email. These links are unique to you and won’t be available in Sched. Please do not share workshop links with others. 

Networking sessions

  • Three networking sessions are scheduled on Tues-Thurs – you’ll find them listed in Sched.
  • Networking sessions will take place in Wonder, a web-based video networking tool that allows participants to maximize their informal interaction with each other.
  • To access Wonder, see the link and password listed in the Networking Sessions in Sched
  • When you enter the Wonder networking room, you will be asked to enter a name and take a photo. 
  • The Wonder networking room will look like the image below

  • Use your mouse or the arrow keys to move around the room. There are named areas for each of our sponsors  –  4Science, Atmire, Cayuse, The Library CodeMyScienceWork and Samvera. Why not drop in and chat to them? Just move close to their icon in the named area and you’ll begin a video chat. Multiple people can join at once and hear all about our sponsors’ products and services.
  • You can also strike up conversations with other attendees (perhaps about the Ideas Challenges!) either in the coffee break area, or anywhere outside of the named areas in the room.
  • Please respect other participants and follow the OR Code of Conduct. If you experience or witness a Code of Conduct issue in the networking room please contact one of the Wonder hosts.
  • Learn more about using Wonder at
  • Note that Wonder supports Chrome and Edge browsers. See Wonder’s website for  more information on supported devices and browsers.

Ideas challenge

  • The Ideas Challenge is an Open Repositories tradition, where teams come up with great ideas to solve repository challenges or lead the way toward new innovations.
  • In the past, teams have had just the 3 days of the conference to formulate their idea and pitch it to the audience and judges. Last year, we changed up the format and kicked-off a year-long ideas challenge, with the goal of allowing teams to not just come up with an idea, but to take steps to implement it.
  • At the opening session 8 June, we’ll share some results from 2020 and introduce the 2021 ideas challenge, which will be another year-long event.
  • At the closing session 10 June, there will be time for sharing ideas generated during the conference that you would like to work on with others.
  • Those interested in the Ideas Challenge should join the Ideas Challenge Slack channel.


Visit our virtual poster showcase at! Interact with presenters by posting comments in the Leave a Reply section at the bottom of each poster page.

Get a quick introduction to each poster from its creator during Minute Madness session on Wednesday, 9 June, 12.00-13:00 PM UTC.

 Help & questions

  • Please use for questions before the sessions, but we can’t guarantee our immediate response during the sessions.
  • We will send out a daily update email to registered attendees on each day of the conference via Eventbrite. Please check these messages for announcements and updates.
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