Geodisy: New geospatial data discovery for Canadian research data

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Eugene Barsky; Mark Goodwin and Paul Dante

Poster description:

With the rapid proliferation of research data, it is vital to create innovative tools for data discovery and access. This is the goal of Portage’s Geodisy project, an open-source spatial discovery tool for Canadian interdisciplinary open research data. Geodisy provides a map-based search available alongside the Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR), a
national discovery layer indexing over 70 Canadian open repositories. Geodisy is intended for users with diverse experience levels and subject interests and is designed to be accessible for those without GIS knowledge. Data and metadata are extracted from the native repositories and are discoverable based on their location, and individual geospatial files are previewed as visual overlays. For any research that relates to geospatial location, this tool provides a new and useful form of visual discovery

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About the authors:

Eugene Barsky is the Head of Research Commons at UBC. Eugene is the past Chair of the national Portage Data Discovery Expert Group, participates in building the Canadian Federated Research Data Repository service (FRDR), and collaborates with Research Data Canada (RDC) and the European Union (OpenAIRE). Eugene is the lead Principal Investigator for the national Geodisy project, previously funded by CANARIE, and now integrated with FRDR and funded by NDRIO. His recent peer recognition included the American Society for Engineering Education and Special Library Association awards. He published more than 25 peer-reviewed papers and presented at more than 70 conferences. Eugene is an adjunct professor at the iSchool at UBC, teaching the course in research data management, and is one of the founders of the Pacific Northwest data curators group.
Mark Goodwin. As the Metadata Coordinator for the Geodisy project, Mark works alongside Portage’s Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) team to provide expertise for the creation, management, and presentation of metadata for geospatial discovery. He is the Co-Chair of Portage’s Dataverse North Metadata Working Group, which establishes metadata best practices for Canadian researchers using Dataverse. Mark is passionate about improving access to information and is excited to help enhance the discoverability of research data in Canada.
Paul Dante actively creates an open-source data pipeline to help researchers find and access geospatial and quasi-geospatial data. Tying together existing components with a custom-written Java middleware that cleans and enhances existing metadata, this project will help make Canadian research data more easily accessible.
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