Interoperability and Distributed Collaboration in InvenioRDM

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Sara Gonzales, Matthew Carson, Guillaume Viger, Kristi Holmes, Lars Holm Nielsen

Poster description:

CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) has collaborated for the past 2 years with a widely distributed international community on the development of InvenioRDM, an extensible turn-key repository
solution. Differing metadata standards utilized for description and access across the globe have led to fertile discussions among team regarding the base data model to employ and field-specific controlled vocabularies. As discussions evinced the need to consider increasing stakeholder needs and requirements, it became clear that a dedicated group was needed to support systematic recording and discussion of partner requirements in order to reach decisions on the data model that could have a positive impact on all
adopters. A metadata interest group was formed, with membership open to all project stakeholders, and regular meetings set to discuss user needs, field-by-field. Discussions in this group have helped to reduce the boundaries between distributed stakeholders and bolster the repository community as a whole through a joint, democratic effort open to all, including technical and non-technical participants.

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About the authors:

Sara Gonzales (Presenting Author) is a Data Librarian at the Galter Health Sciences Library & Learning Center at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. She develops and delivers training in data management and data cleaning to clinical researchers, support staff and students at the Feinberg School of Medicine. She has developed and delivered data-related classes and workshops through the Galter Library DataLab, a data-focused consultation and training core. She chairs the Galter Library’s Digital Initiatives Working Group (DIWG), charged with executing and communicating digital improvements implemented across the library and related university systems. In addition she serves as the Community Manager of the international InvenioRDM repository software development project and Assistant Director of the National Evaluation Center of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

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