Discovery after migration: How to achieve up to 285% more downloads

This poster is part of the Open Repositories 2021 Poster Session which takes place in the week of June 7-10. We encourage you to ask questions and engage in discussion on this poster by using the comments feature. Authors will respond to comments during this week.


Taylor Mudd

Poster description:

Institutions are often apprehensive when moving their repository to a new repository system, as this will affect hundreds of thousands of records collected over decades and the discoverability of their institution’s
research. This poster will present statistics on item usage and discovery after repository migration, using data from an external independent repository monitoring service to show an increase in usage of up to 250% and explain how this can be achieved.

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About the author:

Taylor Mudd is the lead developer for the Haplo Repository – an open source repository solution provided by Haplo, a division of Cayuse. After graduating from the University of Southampton in 2019 he joined Haplo Services (now Haplo, a division of Cayuse) and is now responsible for all core development for their repository solution.

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