PeruCRIS: A National Research Information Infrastructure based on DSpace-CRIS

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Claudia Córdova; Abel Del CarpioFrancisco Talavera; Susanna Mornati; Andrea Bollini;  Claudio Cortese; Corrado Lombardi; Alfonso Maza; Ana Puente de la Puebla

Poster description:

PeruCRIS is the Peruvian project for setting up and operating a National Information Network on Science, Technology and Technological Innovation. It is based on open source software and open standards,
especifically as an extension of the already existing network of Peruvian open access repositories. The network is designed to be interoperable with CRIS systems and Open Access Repositories, and also to allow for direct submission into the National central hub (PeruCRIS Platform) from institutions and researchers. PeruCRIS Platform goes beyond mere aggregation, supporting data normalization, enrichment and curation
for collected data, and direct editing in the Directorios. These roles are reserved for Concytec staff, and serve as a means for ensuring data completeness, accuracy and general quality. A particular CERIF profile
and a set of controlled vocabularies are being developed in order to accommodate for particular information needs of national scope. An initial partial release of main directories is scheduled for Q2 2021.

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